Ashlee uses Photography as a vessel to generate thought and reflection. She aims for her photographs to spark inspiration and growth for the people that she works with, as well as her viewers. People, in general, are what most often inspire Ashlee. She finds the infinite amount of differences and experiences between people to be awe-inspiring; things to be showcased and proud of. She believes that when these differences are portrayed in an accurate and "beautiful" form, people expand their minds and start to become more accepting of one another. Photography can even the playing field and showcase a sense of humanity, empathy, understanding, appreciation, love, and compassion.

Ashlee K. Kulp was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Quickly learning that the small, conservative hometown life wasn't for her, she pursued her passion for Photography in Philadelphia, studying at Moore College of Art and Design. After earning her Bachelors Degree in Photography and Digital Art, Ashlee's passion has led her from coast to coast, connecting and working with a wide variety of clients, photographers, and photography companies. Ashlee is now back in her home state, Pennsylvania: working and residing in Philadelphia, but traveling often with a nation-wide Boudoir company. :)


All photos on this site were captured & edited by Ashlee K. Kulp.

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